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The Finance & Markets Editorial Team

Thomas Hughes

Age: 40
Location: Asheville, North Carolina 
Contact email: [email protected]
I have been a professional options trader and investor since October 5th, 2005. On that day I was introduced to technical analysis and fell in love with financial markets and financial market analysis. Since then I have developed a style of investing that combines fundamental and technical aspects of the market in order to target the best investments and the best entry point for those investments. My interest spans the investment world, if its tradable or affects trading conditions I wants to know about it and I want to help other people understand what it means for their investments. I track economic data from the worlds leading economies, corporate earnings, equities, currency, commodities and cryptocurrencies. I believe in a structured portfolio, diverse allocation and above all, well-time purchases.


Viliyana Filipova
Age: 27
Location: Varna, Bulgaria
Contact email: [email protected]
About me: I’m Viliyana Filipova, 27 year-old girl from Varna, Bulgaria. I’m founder and Chief Editor of Finance Apprise Journal, which will give you top quality information about news in business, economy, finance, stock exchange and forex. I selected high experience and professional team of analysts and writers, who will present you the latest finance and business news.




Orsolya Harkai
Age: 24
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
About me: My name is Orsolya Harkai, 24 year-old girl from Finland. I am writer and journalist in Finance Apprise Journal, who will present you latest economy and stock exchange news, mostly from Europe, Asia and North America. I more than 5-years experience as freelance journalist and writer for some of the leading Nordic finance and economic newspapers and magazines.




James McGovern
Author and Analyst
Age: 42
Location: Arizona, USA
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
About me: I’m James McGovern from Arizona, USA. I am business analyst and writer at Finance Apprise Journal, responsible for finance and trading sections, as well as news from USA and Canada. I have more than 20 years experience in trading, consultancy, business management and finance, working for the top banks in USA and leading finance journals.




Angelina Nieves
Age: 25
Location: Tula, Mississippi, USA
Contact e-mail:
[email protected]
About me: My name is Angelina Nieves, 25-year-old girl from Tula, Mississippi, USA. I was appointed as finance analyst and writer at Finance Apprise Journal, responsible for South and Central American economy, as well as African region. I have 2 years experience as freelance journalist for some local finance and business journals, as well as accountant specialist in some local companies.



Manuel Fajardo
Author and Analyst
Age: 48
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Contact e-mail: [email protected]
About me: My name is Manuel Fajardo from Brazil. I live in Porto Alegre and work in Finance Apprise Journal, as analysts and content writer. In my responsibilities are finance and business news for Latin America, Asia and Australia. I have 20 years experience in banking sector and business consultancy. My hobby is writing and will be happy to start new career in journalism.