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Alphabet's subsidiary Waymo sue Uber for 1 billion USD

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Waymo sue Uber for 1 billion USD and public excuse. The case between the Alphabet’s subsidiary and Uber began in February, claiming that engineer Anthony Levandowski had taken over 14,000 confidential files before leaving Waymo to build his own autonomous truck company called Otto, which Uber later acquired.
Waymo has requested the amount as well as an public excuse to withdraw his claim in court. The company’s self-driving car unit also asked that an independent monitor be appointed to ensure Uber does not use Waymo technology in the future. The aggressive approach is a sign that the company is not looking for a quick solution of the case, as the lawyers of Waymo are confident in winning the lawsuit.
Uber, for their part, have definitely refused to pay the amount. They also say they have not taken advantage of the secrets that Anthony Levandowski has stolen. Uber fired Levandowski, regarded as a visionary in autonomous technology, after he refused to return Waymo documents at the heart of the case.
A new meeting for out-of-court resolution of the problem is not scheduled at the moment.