Amazon has donated more than 100 million USD for charity since 2013 | Finance and Markets

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The American giant of e-commerce announced that it has donated more than 100 million USD from 2013 to charity events selected by buyers. The company allocated 0.5% of the cost of almost every purchase as a donation, which is chosen by people who use its free AmazonSmile program in the US, UK and Germany.

Amazon does not disclose which organizations have received the most support, but claims that they are legally recognized charities, including hospitals and humanitarian organizations.

“Now customers of Amazon bring clean water to more than 42,000 people around the world”, said Scott Harrison, founder of a New York-based charity non-governmental organization.

The charity organizations have received over 105.5 million USD in October 2018.

The company and its founder, Jeff Bezos, have announced several donations in recent weeks, as well as an increase in employees’ salaries, amid the criticism of pay and working conditions in the company.

And earlier this year, Amazon strenuously opposed a new tax on large employers, eventually forcing Seattle to reverse course. A few months later, Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos revealed he was donating 2 billion USD to help homeless families and launch preschools for low-income households.

AmazonSmile fits firmly in that broader PR push: Amazon wants people to know that while Wall Street holds the trillion-dollar company in high esteem, it still cares about people too.