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Apple cancels the extra production of the iPhone XR

Apple iPhone XR

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The technology giant Apple has ordered its smartphone subcontractors Foxconn and Pegatron to stop their plans for additional production lines for the iPhone XR assembly that was released in October.

Apple has also asked the smaller Wistron company, also assembler of the iPhone, to be ready for emergency orders, but the company will not receive any orders for iPhone XR for this season.

“Foxconn first prepared nearly 60 production lines for Apple’s XR model, but it has only used about 45 production lines lately, as the US technology giant said it does not need so much production for the time being”, according to the sources from Foxconn.

At the iPhone launch event in September Apple showed the cheapest iPhone XR version made of aluminum as well as two other models – XS and XS Max.

Five years ago, Apple cut production orders for its plastic iPhone 5C a month after its introduction, fueling speculation about weak demand for the model.

Apple warned last week that sales in the critical holiday quarter are likely to be below Wall Street’s forecast.

Foxconn and Pegatron have said they will not comment on specific customers or products.