Apple improved iPad Pro and Mac | Finance and Markets

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Apple presented upgrades some of its less popular products during an event in New York. The company has added features to iPad Pro, such as facial recognition and faster processors, as well as better displays on some Mac computers that have not been seriously updated for years.

The company released new versions of the iPad Pro tablet, which competes with Microsoft’s Surface, has thinner edges, a larger screen and a face-unlock system that is featured in the newer iPhone models.

Apple announced that a new version of MacBook Air, introduced for the first time in 2011, will include a higher-resolution display, thinner edges and a Touch ID. It is 10% thinner and lighter than the current version. Its starting price is 1,199 USD and will be available in stores on November 7th.

Apple also announced that the Mac Mini will have more computing power and memory, and its price will start at 799 USD.

Last month, the company introduced new iPhone and Apple Watch, but older product lines brought 45 billion USD in sales in the last fiscal quarter. In comparison, the iPhone earned 141.3 billion USD.

Apple’s Mac needed an incentive. In July, when Apple announced its second-quarter results, the company reported the worst quarter for Mac sales in 2010, with volume down by 13% on an annual basis. The sales of iPad rose only by 1% over the same period last year and revenue from both devices fell 5% on an annual basis.

One of the reasons for the downgrade of Mac sales, according to analysts, is the timing of the introduction of the new models. Apple waited until July to show the new devices on the line while in previous years offered them in June.

Although the company lowered prices on some devices like iPad for school, the analysts expected to hold or raise prices on their new laptops and desktops.

Specifically for Mac laptops, the users are increasingly using phones or tablets to perform fast tasks, and targeting real computers only when they need extra power.