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The 15 Apps Made To Save You Money

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The 15 Apps Made To Save You Money

Saving money is one of the best things you can do, whether you are in business or even if you are just a consumer. By the end of the day, you will have more money to use for other important things, which will help you create more value with the little savings you may have. Click Here To Go Straight To Our Online Tutorial

By saving money right now, you will have enough for your emergency fund or some other investment project shortly. In the long run, you will be making significant steps towards ensuring you have financial freedom and more opportunities to grow as an individual or your business in the future.

Deciding to save money might be difficult because most people do not know where or when to start saving money. There are apps that can help you with this. Through these apps, you will be able to make good decisions about your personal or business finance.
Here are some good options you should consider:


Apps That Save You Money


This is a banking app available for iOS and Android devices. This app also has a debit card and a spending account that are FDIC-insured, which is a security measure to protect your fund deposits. You can also track your spending in real time through this app and monitor your transactions. (www.chimebank.com)

When you create an account on this banking app, a savings account is automatically generated for you, where you can immediately start saving. You can set controls for this account, like saving every 10% of your paychecks deposited through the app. You can also round up your purchases online so that whatever difference remains, is transferred into the savings account whenever you use the debit card.

The best thing about this app is that you can save money very fast and keep it in a savings account where you can avoid spending it on items that add no value to your life. There are no overdraft fees, monthly minimums or foreign transaction fees. You are also not charged to use the ATM.


One thing you will love about Digit is that it does all the work for you, lifting the weight off your shoulders. The app considers your expenditure against your income, then calculates what you might be able to save, and sets the money in an FDIC-secured account.

Every 2 – 3 days a week, the app analyzes your finances. This way, you will even be able to earn a 1% bonus on your savings, which they pay out after every 3 months. Your bonus will depend on the average daily balance you keep in the Digit account during the same period. You can use the app for free for 100 days, after which they start charging a monthly fee.

Clarity Money

This app that helps you save money indicates your wasteful spending from wise spending. To do this, it will cancel subscriptions that you might not need or those that you are no longer using. Other than that, this app tries to find ways of negotiating lower bills for you.

To make sure you are still within your budget, the app will track down what you have been spending. It will also recommend credit cards that might be perfect for you, given your current credit needs and your lifestyle. This helps you learn how to use your credit card wisely.

Through Clarity Money, you can also open a savings account where all the savings you make through the app are deposited.


Other than just saving money, this app also has a learning feature, giving you real-life lessons on setting goals and the importance of setting aside small amounts that will eventually go towards helping you achieve your goals.

Since your purchases are often uneven amounts, Qapital will round off the transaction to the nearest figure, then deposit the balance into an FDIC-insured account. All you have to do is link up your checking account to Qapital. You can also have the app automate some saving strategies, like putting aside lump sum amounts at a specific time. The accounts you open do not attract any fees, but they earn you some interest. These are also free apps.


Mint is primarily aimed at helping you pay your bills on time. This way, you will avoid spending more money on penalties and late fees. Through this app, you will learn to create a budget so that you can make the most of the little money you have, and spare some more towards your savings goal, retirement, an emergency kitty or any other reason.

You can request a free credit score through Mint, so you know your position based on your spending habits, and whether or not you can be able to bargain for a better loan rate if you need to buy a car or a home later in the future.


This app will round off all the purchases you make through your debit and credit cards linked to it, then credits the difference to your Acorns account. It is an important part of the Acorns platform. The money that you save will then be invested in funds listed on different exchanges. You can also choose to invest in aggressive or conservative funds, depending on what you feel okay with.

For college students, you can use Acorns for free for 4 years, after which you will start paying a monthly fee in case your account value is less than $5,000, or a percentage of the value in your account if you hold more than $5,000.

Acorn has in the past partnered with major brands like Blue Apron and Airbnb. The partner companies will refund a percentage of your spending each time, and this is deposited into your Acorns savings account.

You Need a Budget

This app helps you work out a budget interface where you will not just save, but also learn more about the value of money. The app primarily helps you set priorities against your expenditure, find some simple ways of saving money towards emergencies or your investment goals in the future and avoid using credit where you can simply live within manageable limits.

The app and software are available for use both on Mac and Windows computers, iOS and Android devices, Alexa on Amazon and the Apple Watch.


This app is all about the intelligent use of your credit cards and making the most use of them instead of losing a lot of money through them. It is available in different forms, such as browser extension, website, mobile app and an app for wearable devices. This way, you are always in the know about your credit cards and how to maximize utility from your usage of these cards or any rewards that you get from them.

Through this app, you will learn about the best credit card to use, the retailer that provides the best rewards, especially those that can be converted into money for travel, services, offers, products and so forth. Besides, this app further monitors how much of your credit you are using up. This is a great app for improving your financial wellness.


Tired of looking for coupon codes that will save you some money? Ready for some more financial wellness facts? Look for Honey. You can install it as a browser extension on all devices you use. This app looks for amazing deals that will help you spend less on your online purchases.

What you earn in savings will be shown when you are checking out, and the savings will be automatically applied, saving you the hassle. There are several brands and websites online that have integrated Honey into their platforms, so there is a good chance you will be making major savings through this app.


This app is available in the Google Play store and the iOS store. You get good deals across the region and locally, in most of the major cities within the US. The company keeps looking for partnerships beyond the urban US hubs so that you can enjoy discounts at events, restaurants, and local stores wherever you are.

It primarily competes with other apps and websites that you might already know about like LivingSocial, Amazon Local, and Groupon. However, beyond the regular deals, you will find on these websites, it provides useful information through its app, in a user-friendly manner.



Imagine being paid to watch TV. This is what Viggle does. You simply check into whichever show that interests you, and you will earn points for watching. Sounds cool, huh? You can also earn bonus points for testing your TV IQ or playing games.

The points you earn through Viggle can be traded in at different outlets, including Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks. Therefore, you will not need to spend $5 on your magazine or coffee all the time. In fact, this app will simply save tons of money for you, while you are busy watching TV.


Most people do not keep track of their brokerage fees, so they end up losing a lot of money in the process. FeeX knows this, especially for those who have their investment portfolios managed by brokers.

Ready for some more financial wellness tips? With this information, the app links your investment accounts like the 401K and analyzes the fees associated with different investments you have made in the past. They will run this against a database and suggest cheaper alternatives or even recommend some changes that you can make and save more money through your investments. The best thing about it is that the checkup is free.

You must, however, know that if you switch to a company suggested by FeeX, they will earn referral fees.

Military Cost Cutters

This is an app designed by veteran entrepreneurs and aims to help you save money even if most of your expenditure is covered after your military move. You have access to businesses that support military personnel, and major discounts. They also have a Loyalty Rewards Program where you have access to more discounts. Most military families usually have to move residences, and this app would be useful in such scenarios.

This is another money saving app that is free. It is aimed at couples, to help them maximize utility from the money they make. Most couples argue about how they spend their money. This app, however, takes this problem out of the equation and helps couples handle finances hassle-free.

It simplifies the organization of finances and helps you keep track on your spending so that you can reduce the common financial misunderstandings and avoid mistrusting one another. You can easily create a budget for your household spending, comment on, and label the transactions.


Trim is pretty much your finance assistant. To make your work easier, you can link all the accounts you run to this app. Once that is done, the app analyzes the transactions and makes suggestions on areas where you can reduce your spending, like unnecessary purchases at the confectionery or irrelevant subscriptions.

This app will also look at different service providers in your area, and recommend cable, internet or car insurance providers. You can also set it to cancel your subscriptions. You will periodically receive updates through text messaging, on how your connected accounts are performing, including changes to their position. This is a good option for self-employed people who do not want to spend on a personal financial assistant.

Daily Budget

With this app, what you see is what you get. When someone recommended this app to me, I was constantly struggling to save for emergencies. Through this app, you simply key in your income, recurring expenditure and the percentage of your income that you plan on saving each month. Regarding recurring expenditure, they have a list of obvious suggestions like Netflix, gas, rent and other subscriptions that you might forget.

Based on this information, the app runs calculations, and you have an estimate of the amount you can spend each day. The best thing about it is that if you exceed your daily spend for some reason, it applies this and adjusts it over the month so that you still stay in check.

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Saving Money And Improving Your Financial Health 

Most of the apps here allow you to make incremental changes whereby your savings add up with time. You will also learn to change your perception of money, and some lessons about financial health. This will eventually help you get out of debt and save more money for the future.