Dec 5, 2019 | Finance and Markets

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Welcome to Finance and Markets Monthly, the newsletter that goes deep into the Heart of financial issues you need to know about. Here’s a quick summary of today’s content:

  • Real Life Lessons You Must Learn
  • This Growth Stock is Getting Crushed (But Not for Long!)
  • Uncommon Message from an Uncommon Man

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How the Rock almost wasn’t the Rock


When Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson was a young 22 year old, he hit a road block that would have crushed most of us.

He got cut from the football team because he was told he wasn’t good enough.

At that point the majority of people would have said “OK, I guess my dream wasn’t meant to be and would play it safe, finding a nice safe job somewhere that had security and benefits.

But, that is exactly what separates people like the rock from the rest of us ordinary humans.

To make matters worse, after having his 10 year pursuit of playing professional football smashed, he also was totally and utterly broke, with only $7 in his pocket.

This was not just a physical setback it was also emotional and mental. He was truly down and out, feeling completely defeated.

To make matters worse, some of his friends, like defensive tackle Warren Sapp, signed a multi-million dollar contract with the NFL.

We all love to see our friends do well, but when we see them make it big and we fall, it still hurts.

At first, Dwayne was depressed and plopped himself in front of the TV to help cope with the blow he was just dealt.

What happened next is where you should be taking notes.

He eventually snapped out of it and made a decision that he still could live the life of his dreams.

Maybe the NFL wouldn’t be a part of that dream but he could still rise above his defeats.

Johnson was quoted as saying:

You gotta have faith that the one thing you wanted to happen often times is the best thing that never happened

That was a turning point in his life. He was down but he made a decision that he was still going to be an all-star. Football did not define who he was.

If you are too afraid to go after your dreams, you will never achieve them.

There is only option when your dream dies, and that is . . .  Get another dream!

Dwayne started training again, not letting that setback stop him.

He kept going, got a start in pro wrestling, eventually setting himself up into acting.

Now, he is wealthier and more famous than he would ever have been if he had made his original dream.

Sometimes life hits you hard, but successful people don’t let that happen, they just keep on going strong.

Danny Meyer and The Shake Shack Growth Stock We Believe In


Here at Finance and Markets, we have two really strong convictions:

  1. Leadership is everything.
  2. Invest in growth stocks.

That’s why we are the newsletter that goes deep to the heart of the matter.

Convictions are what cause people to truly have great success.

That’s why our first feature today is about Danny Meyer and Shack Shack.

Danny opened his first restaurant at 27 years old. It was his burning passion that took him to the superstar business success he has today.

He was going to be a lawyer to play it safe, but his uncle basically told him that was a crazy idea and he should do what he loves because life is short.

So he did something crazy, he started a restaurant.

He has the heart of a champion and he created the phrase “Enlightened hospitality” where the staff anticipates the needs of guests and their mission is for people to leave better than they came in.

That is a company we can believe in.

We like this stock and here is how we are going to trade it.

It has had a tremendous drop recently and we believe this is a great buying opportunity.

Time to get in but not quite yet.

See this chart it is straight down and we don’t recommend getting
In until the drop is complete it can still go down for a while.

Here is how we are going to trade this.

Before buying the stock we recommend waiting until price begins to go
back up.

Wait until the price crosses above the 20 period moving average as seen in the chart Below.

Here is the chart.

The drop could keep going so it is best to protect yourself and wait until it begins to rise and when price crosses back above the 20 period Ma that is a sign that momentum is returning.

Happy Trading! and Let us know what you think of this one.


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An uncommon message by an uncommon man.

Kindness, Empathy Reconciliation and that everyone is special.

In today’s fast paced 24 hour news cycle we get bombarded by: Hate, Lies, Manipulation, Hidden Agenda and so many things that it can be a real challenge to stay grounded and remember the important things in life.

Tom Hanks is starring in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood a movie about Mr. Rogers.

A man who was dedicated to teaching children and the world the important message of Love.

We here at Finance and Markets think that we need more of that message what do you think?

Plus we are based in Fred’s Hometown of Latrobe, PA so a big shout out to Fred a local Legend around here.

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