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In a track meet, everybody generally wants to be first. That is the whole point of running. But, you can be a different kind of winner even if you don’t finish first. That is the case with Axel Aleman. His name has gotten more popular after the Southwestern Small School Invitational on August 22, 2020, in Indianapolis.

In a race with around 200 competitors, Axel placed 58th, not too shabby. He could have done much better if it weren’t for what he did to help Levi LaGrange. Both of them were near the end of the 5K race, with about half a mile left, Axel behind Levi. As they were going up a rolling hill, Levi said that “[he] rolled [his] ankle and felt something go ‘pop.’”

Axel came up to Levi’s side when he saw the incident. He asked Levi if he was ok because he was limping a little bit. Levi responded that he was fine, and Axel could go ahead. While many people zoomed by, Axel knew at that moment that he couldn’t just walk away. Axel put a hand on Levi’s back and pushed him toward the finish line. Axel said, “that mattered more than the race. I told him I wasn’t going to leave.” The pair stayed together until the very end. Axel even pushed Levi through the finish line before him. They finished 1 second apart.

Axel’s mom didn’t even know what happened. He just told her that it wasn’t his best time. It wasn’t until the story circulated on social media that his mom found out about it. She agreed with the sentiment that Aleman showed great sportsmanship. In response to that, Aleman said, “I would just really hope people do the right thing.”

In your day to day life, who finishes first might not matter that much. Would you just pause for a little bit to help someone in need around you right now?

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h/t: indystar
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