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Best performing assets in 2017

best performing assets

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The end of 2017 is closing and December is time for analyzes and assessment of investments. Now we will look at what were the most profitable assets since the beginning of 2017.
The Bitcoin rose more than 10 times during the year, making the cryptocurrencies attractive investment instrument for many traders. The craziness around it is spreading every day with more and more ridiculous news about mining. However, the big winners among the cryptocurrencies in 2017 have other names – Ripple and Ether.
The Ripple is only fifth largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, but since the beginning of the year, it rose more than 50 times, making it the most successful virtual currency. Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization and started the year at levels of about 10 USD. Based on today’s exchange rate of over 450 USD, the Ether rose more than 45 times.
With indexes, you can also be surprised. The largest increase during the year reported the Mongolian benchmark, which expanded by over 110% since January. On second place is, Argentina’s index, which rose by more than 59% since the beginning of the year.
Interesting is that biggest lose during the year reported the index of Abu Dhabi, but it lost only 4%. This shows that the year was really good for the global economy, which has biggest expansion in a decade.
This year is definitely the year of palladium. Starting the year at level of around 700 USD, it succeeded to rose to a historic record at levels of over 1,000 USD, which represent a price increase of 40%.
The most losing among the raw materials is sugar. It has fallen over 20% since the beginning of the year.
The crude oil also appreciated during the year, but with 7.5%.
The best presenting currency this year was the Euro, which rose by nearly 13% against the USD, making it the best-performing base currency. The second is the British pound with appreciation of 9.2%.
In the most losing currencies, the Polish zloty and the Czech Koruna have fallen by 15.4% and 16.3% respectively.
However, the biggest real loser was the Venezuelan Bolivar, which depreciated by 2,958% against the US dollar.
The Best Asset Manager in 2017
If you knew, who would be the best billionaire investor this year and gave it to him, he would have registered a return of 36%. It’s about Daniel Lob and his fund. For comparison, the IBLN index, which follows the average income of the investors, brought an average return of 25.7%.