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Betrayal of Brexit would plunge UK into constitutional crisis

Nigel Farage

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If British Prime Minister Theresa May allows Brexit to be weakened or suspended by the EU membership supporters, Britain will be plunged into its worst constitutional crisis since WW2, according to Nigel Farage.
When he was the leader of the UKIP, Farage convinced David Cameron, to schedule the Brexit referendum, and then participated in the EU exit campaign. Now he thinks Brexit is in danger of being stopped by the government. The 53-year-old politician described May, who voted to stay in the EU, as “Theresa the appeaser” for giving in to Brussels on almost every element of Brexit negotiations and said Britain was being humiliated by the EU.
“The best-case scenario right now under our current pathetic leadership is Brexit in name only – that is about as good as it gets”, said Nigel Farage.
In the 2016 referendum, 51.9%, or 17.4 million people, voted to leave the EU, and 48.1%, or 16.1 million people, voted to remain in the union.
Nigel Farage dismissed the concerns of large banks such as Goldman Sachs that London City could be left out by a number of companies after Brexit and described the EU as a German-dominated experiment on European integration.
Brexit’s opponents are trying to get enough support in the lower house of the British Parliament, the House of Commons, to block any Brexit deal that Theresa May will bring from Brussels in October. Among those calling to stop or cancel Brexit are former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Goldman Sachs Executive Director Lloyd Blankfein and the billionaire George Soros.
Soros has donated more than 600,000 GBP through his foundations in support of remaining of Britain in the EU.
Nigel Farage said that Soros’s involvement in Western politics had to be investigated and the billionaire had to come to London and publicly explain what political projects he was involved in.