Home News Commodities Bitcoin appreciated by more than 2,000 USD in 24 hours

Bitcoin appreciated by more than 2,000 USD in 24 hours


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The exchange rate of the digital currency Bitcoin continues to grow at a rapid pace. The crypto-currency rose by almost 2,000 USD for less than 24 hours, climbing from 12,000 USD to the historical record of 14,000 USD. The new appreciation of the Bitcoin follows a serious price drop of 20% last week.
Now the currency has a market capitalization of over 230 billion USD, which means that if it were a component of the S&P 500, it would be among the 20 largest companies.
The current appreciation may have been caused by South Korean speculators or the news that next week start the Bitcoin futures in USA.
The digital currency started the year at a price below 1,000 USD, and its growth accelerated with the growing interest of investors. The Chicago-based Cboe Global Markets launches futures trading on Sunday and the world’s biggest futures exchange CME will release its futures on Bitcoin on December 18.
The addition of futures to the Bitcoin by two respected stockbrokers marks another step towards establishing the digital currency as a legitimate asset class.
Meanwhile, Coinbase, the crypto-currency trading platform, already has more than 13 million users. Earlier this year, they were only 5.5 million customers, and the starter already felt the pain of growth after it began to collapse frequently.