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blockchain financial market

Blockchain and financial industry

Many financial companies have already invested or are planning to invest in the use of blockchain technology. On one hand, the blockchain offers many...
Japan pension fund

World’s largest pension fund reported 91 billion USD annual profit

Japan's State Pension Fund (GPIF), which is the largest in the world, reported a record growth in investment profits for the past three years....
Silicon Valley price house

Silicon Valley boom pushes up the house prices in San Francisco

The average housing prices in San Francisco rose by 205,000 USD in the first half of 2018, which is the largest six-month increase in...
Warren Buffett

Why Warren Buffett invests in Apple stocks?

World stock markets entered the second half of the year. And although, according to a number of experts, the US indices seem overpriced, Warren...
Bank of America

Bank of America warns for new global finance crisis

The analysts of the US Bank of America warn that global market trends are now similar to those preceding the 1997-1998 crisis. "Tightening by...
Trump tax reform

Donald Trump considers further decrease in corporate tax

The US President Donald Trump expects the second phase of the tax reform to be introduced in October or a little bit earlier, considering...
Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank failed at regulatory stress tests of the Federal Reserve

The US subsidiary of Deutsche Bank failed at the regulatory stress tests of the Federal Reserve, which showed that German lender has "significant weaknesses...
USD cash

The US companies start to return their capital from abroad

The US companies returned home more than 305 billion USD in the first quarter, according to the ministry of commerce. These are between 10%...
American banks

American banks survived the Fed stress tests

The largest US banks are "stably capitalized" and would survive a severe global economic recession, according to the US Federal Reserve (Fed). The latest...
Jerome Powell

Strong economic growth supports further interest rate hikes

The Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said on Wednesday that the strong US economic growth is in favor of pursuing the policy of gradually...

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