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Dow Jones and S&P 500 rose to new historical highs on Friday

The main Wall Street indexes reached another historical high on Friday. The blue-chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average jumped by 243.95 points to a...
Dow Jones

Dow Jones crossed the threshold of 27,000 points

The blue-chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average reached historical high on Thursday, moving across the threshold of 27,000 points. The benchmark ended the trading...

Lower interest rates hopes pushed the S&P 500 to record high

Wall Street indexes rose on Wednesday to their historical highs after the latest minutes of the Federal Reserve meeting and the testimony of the...
Dow Jones

Dow Jones extended its negative series ahead of Powell’s testimony

The Wall Street stocks were mixed at the close with the blue-chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped slightly as investors await new signals...
Wall Street

Wall Street indexes sank under the pressure of technology stocks

Wall Street indexes ended the trading session on Monday into the red after the fall of Apple's stocks put pressure on the entire technology...
Weekly Market Intro

Weekly Market Intro – in anticipation of the job vacancies and inflation in the...

Wall Street indexes are close to their historically high levels, despite the Friday's retreat amid the stronger-than-expected US job data that have cooled the...
Job data investors

Job data ended the winning series of Wall Street indexes

The main Wall Street indexes retreated from their historic highs after stronger-than-expected US job data have cooled the hopes of mitigating the Federal Reserve's...
European equities

European equities ended Thursday trading session with slight gains

European markets ended the trading session on Thursday mostly into the green territory, although the growth of most leading indexes was diminished as weaker-than-expected...
Wall Street bulls

Wall Street indexes rose to a record high on Wednesday

Wall Street indexes rose to a record high on Wednesday after investors raised expectations that the Fed will cut interest rate later this month...
Wall Street NYSE

Wall Street indexes conquered new records after slight growth on Tuesday

The main indexes of the New York Stock Exchange ended today's trading session with slight growth amid the threats of the US President Donald...

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