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Iran approved new measures against terrorist financing

Iran's parliament has approved new measures against terrorist financing, hoping that the move will bring Tehran closer to global standards and help bring the...

The ECB is ready to ensure a smooth Brexit

After Britain warned of the risks for Brexit without an agreement with Brussels, the EU's financial regulators decided to intervene in an attempt to...
US bonds

China plans to sell US bonds worth 3 billion USD

China plans to sell US government bonds worth 3 billion USD, sending signals of concern to foreign investors on the background of trade tensions...
richest people wealth

The wealth of the 400 richest people in the US reached a record 2.9...

The wealth of the 400 richest people in the United States listed in the Forbes magazine in 2018 has reached a record 2.9 trillion...
Exchange traded funds ETF

Why to invest in Exchange-traded fund (ETF)?

The Exchange-traded fund (ETFs) have become well known after the global financial crisis in 2008 and since then their popularity has continued to grow....
PwC accounting

PwC: Technology is the solution to higher standards in auditing

The four biggest accounting firms can invest in technologies, which will increase their performance standards beyond the capabilities of their smaller competitors. This was...
Donald Trump tax

Donald Trump has helped his parents to evade taxes

The US President Donald Trump has probably helped his parents to evade taxes. As the New York Times writes, referring to a "large" volume...
investments crisis

Best and worst investments in the last decade

During the financial crisis in 2008 it would be hard to imagine that the US stocks would take a course toward their longest bullish...
Benoit Coeure

Benoit Coeure: The ECB will keep interest rates unchanged by the summer of 2019

The European Central Bank (ECB) expects interest rates to remain at their current level by the summer of next year, and the economic stimulus...
Donald Trump budget

Donald Trump signed the budget bill approved by the Congress

The US President Donald Trump signed a budget bill of 854 billion USD to allow federal government offices to continue working until December 7....

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