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New York subway

Modernizing of the New York subway will cost more than 40 billion USD

The modernization of the New York subway, fiercely affected by fires, power outages and signaling failures, could cost 40 billion USD and take a...

Uber tests new recruitment business called Uber Works

The US shared travel company Uber is testing a new recruitment business called Uber Works. The service will allow companies to hire short-term employees...
Elon Musk transport system

Elon Musk opens the testing tunnel of his super-fast transport system

Elon Musk made a step forward in fulfilling his vision for the future of public transport, announcing that the first test tunnel for its...
Steven Mnuchin

Steven Mnuchin: China does not manipulate its currency

The US President Donald Trump had defined China as a "currency manipulator", stating that the country deliberately kept the yuan's weak exchange rate to...

Alibaba expects the biggest Singles’ Day sales to date

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba said its upcoming Singles' Day would be the biggest one so far. At the same time, the company wants to...
Crude oil rigs offshore

Crude oil prices are moving upward on Monday

Crude oil prices are moving upward on Monday against the expectations of tightening markets with the approaching US sanctions against Iran's energy sector. The...
US-UK trade agreement

The trade agreement is Trump’s gift to Brexit supporters

The US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer made a gift to Brexit supporters. His letter informing the US Congress that the administration is planning to...
China tax cuts

China’s tax cuts in the coming year may exceed the equivalent of 1% of...

China's tax cuts in the coming year may exceed the equivalent of 1% of the gross domestic product (GDP). This was stated by an...
US-Germany union

The US-Germany union cracks along the border of Kosovo and Serbia

The Western Union of Germany and the United States is beginning to crack, with the two countries seemingly disagreeing about Serbia's and Kosovo's plans...
Russia-US nuclear agreement

Russia: The withdrawal of the US from the nuclear agreement is a dangerous step

Washington's withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty is a "dangerous step", according to the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. In his words,...

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