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US dollar

The US dollar fell after the Fed’s cautious comments

The US dollar fell against almost all major currencies after the Fed's cautious comments. The US Dollar index, which measures green money against a...
Japanese yen

Japanese yen grew strong amid trade fears of investors

The Japanese yen grew strong on Tuesday after investors turned to the currency as a safe haven for assets after the US Department of...
US dollar - EURO

US dollar is under pressure, due to investors’ concerns about global economic growth

The US dollar is under pressure on Thursday, triggered by investors' concerns about global economic growth, the blockade of the US government, and the...
US dollar

The US dollar moves close to its two-week highs

The US dollar moves close to its two-week highs against its main competitors on Tuesday as the slowdown in the Chinese economy raised new...

The US dollar fell against its major competitors

The US dollar fell against its major competitors, as the pound stabilized after British Prime Minister Theresa May's government won a vote of no...
US dollar

The US dollar resumed its recent recovery

The US dollar resumed the recent recovery, however, the outlook for the currency remains bearish. The negative trends from the beginning of the session...
US dollar

US dollar loses positions against the Euro and the Japanese yen

The US dollar weakened against its major rivals like the Euro and the Japanese yen on Thursday due to growing expectations that the Federal...

Expectations for freezing interest rates keep the US dollar under pressure

The US dollar struggles against its rivals on Tuesday after investors are increasingly convinced that the Federal Reserve (Fed) will freeze interest rates this...
Japanese Yen

Traders turned to the highly liquid Japanese Yen

The US dollar fell aggressively on Wednesday evening, causing a brief currency crash in the US/Asian desk handover, on risk aversion rising due to...

US dollar losing positions along with Wall Street

The US dollar is once again suffering a strong crash along with Wall Street, helping the EUR/USD pair flirt with weekly highs in the...

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