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A well thought out plan for your online sales tactics is important but often overlooked. It is common to find a sales page that has a product available but no information about the product or how to buy it. If you want to sell a product online you need to have sales copy. Sales copy is the online version of what would be a verbal sales pitch. This weeks guest Adil Amarsi has more than ten years of experience in copywriting. He has also created his own training to help others become better copywriters. Listen to or watch this show to learn the simple power of copywriting to improve your online sales.

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Outline of This Episode

[1:00] Meet Adil Amarsi and hear how he got started as a copywriter
[5:55] What is copywriting and why it is the “master skill”
[9:35] Good copywriting builds trust and solves problems
[11:27] The three steps and the goal of great copy
[14:25] The value of a genuine story
[17:53] How to build trust with clients before you have a history of sales
[20:45] What to do if your product and story don’t match
[23:00] Five words to close any sale
[26:28] Examples of how good copy helps beyond a sales environment
[30:00] Good copy is about the reader, not just you
[32:29] An app that will help your copy make sense to more readers
[34:24] Get in touch with Adil Amarsi

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Copywriting is the master skill

I asked Adil how important copywriting is to online sales. He answered without hesitation, “Copywriting is the master skill.” He explains that his go-to sales tactic for writing effective copy is storytelling. People want to invest in people. Telling your story and how that led to a great product will encourage them to invest in you. Knowing how to tell your story is a master skill because it applies to much more than sales conversation. Watch or listen to this episode to find out how you can use a story to get more momentum in any relationship in your life.

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Remove fear in the buying process

The internet can be a scary place for your future clients. They have no doubt come across more than one scam or virus in their lives. You need to have some sales tactics that will remove fear from your client’s experience with you. Adil recommends introducing yourself with a genuine story. Then explain what your product is and how it will help them achieve their goals. When it comes time to close the sale give them direct and simple steps to follow. This clear communication gives the buyer information that makes them feel empowered. Listen or watch this episode to see this concept applied to an investment newsletter.

The five words that will close any sale

Closing the deal can be the most difficult part for any salesman.
They feel comfortable talking about themselves. They are great at promoting a product. Yet, when it’s time to ask a client to make a sale they stop talking. The fear of rejection shuts down the most important part of a sales conversation. Adil worked as a door to door salesman for some time. He knows firsthand how difficult the fear of rejection can be. From that experience, he has put together the simplest sales tactic for closing the deal. It’s only five words! Listen or watch this episode now to learn his hard earned secret.

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The tool that will make your words jump off the page

Did you know should write emails or copy at a grade school reading level? It can seem like a backward sales tactic that might even come across as insulting to some clients. Adil assures me that the opposite is true. “They won’t be offended, they will understand what you are saying because your argument is simplified.” he said. He suggests keeping your writing at a third, fourth or fifth grade level. On this episode, he shares the tool he uses to check his own writing. He wants to make sure all his clients will understand his writing. Watch or listen to this episode to find out how you can use it too.

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