Home News Economics Donald Trump: New duties on Chinese imports? Yes, absolutely!

Donald Trump: New duties on Chinese imports? Yes, absolutely!

Donald Trump

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The US may impose new customs duties on imports of Chinese goods for 267 billion USD, revealed the US President Donald Trump in a statement. According to him, the Asian country is not yet ready to enter into trade agreement with the United States, which would return the previous balance on international markets.

“China wants to make a deal, but I see that they are not ready yet”, said Donald Trump at a press conference. “We have postponed several planned meetings with Chinese representatives because they are not ready to make an agreement”, added he.

Asked if he was willing to impose new duties on Beijing, Trump replied “Yes, absolutely!”. He added that the growing trade imbalance between the US and China means that “they are already revenging”.

In September, Donald trump imposed additional import duties on Chinese goods for 200 billion USD, threatening that new measures could follow if China responded.

On Tuesday, during a press conference, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said the trade war had adverse consequences for both sides as well as for the global economy, and there is no interest in continuing.

The US aims to press China to make major changes to its trade policy and high-tech industries. If the Trump administration imposes additional customs duties on Chinese goods for 276 billion USD, the measures will cover almost all imports of the Asian country to the US.