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The EC continues to oppose building of Nord Stream 2

Vestager Nord Stream 2

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The realization of the Nord Stream expansion is not in Europe’s interests, according to the European Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager. She considers that the community policy should be diversification instead of expanding the Russian gas capacities.
“We have a common strategy that involves generating energy from different sources”, said the commissioner. The aim is for the EU not to be so dependent on Russia in this sector. For Margrethe Vestager, the realization of the pipeline also questions Europe’s energy security.
The US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, also criticized the project. He also points out that the pipelines will boost Russia’s influence in Europe and warns Germany and Europe that Nord Stream 2 is a conductor of the Kremlin’s influence. According to the US Ambassador, the current project strategy is “very problematic” and the United States is particularly concerned about this.
In March, Germany gave all the necessary permits for the construction of Nord Stream 2. A few days ago even the construction of the receiving terminal on land started.
The capacity of the planned gas pipeline is 55 billion cubic meters, and Moscow’s intentions are thus to circumvent Ukraine as a transit country.
These plans, however, face resistance from part of the countries in Eastern Europe, among which Poland is particularly active. Against the project are major institutions in the EU – the European Commission and the European Parliament – who say they are afraid that it will be used for geopolitical pressure from Russia.
For the Russian side, however, this pipeline has an economic basis, and proof of this is the increased supply of Nord Stream last year. According to Moscow, the pressure on the gas pipeline comes from the US, which is looking for a market for its liquefied gas.