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Elon Musk: Tesla’s customers will have to be patient


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The customers of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla may have to wait longer for delivery due to the significant increase in vehicle sales in North America, according to the CEO Elon Musk.

“Due to a large increase in vehicle delivery volume in North America, Tesla customers may experience longer response times. Resolving this is our top priority”, wrote Elon Musk in Twitter.

Tesla tries to cope with problems with Model 3 production after failing to meet several of its goals. The company has removed some of the color options for its cars to simplify operations so it can boost production.

At the same time, the largest institutional investor in Tesla said he was questioned by the US Securities and Exchange Commission about the plans of Elon Mousk to make the company private, and that the CEO needs help in managing the company.

“He needs help, and I mean both psychologically and practically”, said James Anderson from Baillie Gifford, a fund manager of the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, which owns shares in Tesla. Anderson told that he had talked with Musk about the idea of ​​hiring another director. Analysts are urging Tesla to hire a Chief Operating Officer to bring freshness to its senior management.

Tesla has not responded to the inquiries on this issue. The US Securities and Exchange Commission is also not immediately available for comment.

The past few months have been particularly turbulent and chaotic for Tesla and its CEO. Although Tesla struggles to cope with the production of its mass Model 3, on August 7, Elon Musk said he is considering making the company private at a price of 420 USD per share, and that the funds are “secured”.

On August 24, Musk, who was the subject of criticism by the committee regarding the accuracy of the company’s financial statement information, said he was giving up his plan and Tesla remained public. He explained his decision with the dissatisfaction of the investors.