The EU southern alliance on medicines expands - Finance and Markets

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The Health Ministers of Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Spain and Portugal signed an agreement to form a consensus for joint talks with the pharmaceutical industry in order to achieve lower prices for medicines. This happened in May 2017 and was names as the alliance of Southern European countries, or South European Alliance.
In the recent months, this alliance is expanding, as Croatia, Romania and Ireland joined, and on the last day of January 2018 it became clear that part of the agreement was already Slovenia.
This is not a precedent in the EU – such associations already exist between Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria.
The analysts commented that these alliances are the answer to the aggressive marketing strategy applied by the pharmaceutical industry. The result of this company policy is the illogically high prices of medicines.
The Southern Alliance will focus on new medicines that are not currently reimbursed in these countries.
“With Beneluxa, the Valletta Declaration Group etc governments are simply getting organized. It is their response to the ‘divide and rule’ strategy pharmaceutical companies have been pursuing for years and a direct result of the unreasonably high prices drug manufacturers are charging”, said Yannis Natsis, who is Policy Manager at the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA).