Expert Tips for Your Online Sales Strategy with Scott Marshall, Ep #41 | Finance and Markets

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On last week’s show, we started talking about sales funnels and how they can be a part of your online sales strategy. This week I am very excited to have Scott Marshall with us to keep that conversation going. Scott is from Sales Agency and focuses on helping to scale companies so that they can grow. He is one of the few people who has managed to bring in 10 million dollars within a single sales funnel. His passion for seeing companies succeed led us to some advanced and valuable topics. I know that you will learn some great concepts when you check out this week’s episode.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [0:58] Meet this week’s guest Scott Marshall
  • [2:01] Hear Scott’s break down of the goal of a sales funnel
  • [5:36] Find out what it means to “take a client up the ladder”
  • [7:23] The first two levels of sales funnels
  • [9:19] The third level and developing a “back hand”
  • [12:14] Scott’s software recommendations for sales funnels
  • [14:09] The most important sales funnel metrics
  • [18:31] The difference between a product and an offer
  • [24:49] Find out if you need a personal brand with your funnel
  • [28:33] Get in touch with Scott

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How to sell someone their “dream destination” in your sales funnel

From Scott’s perspective, everyone on the internet is shopping for their “dream destination”. That dream destination is different for each person. You are probably familiar with some common dream destination goals: bigger house, financial freedom, a dream vacation, etc. It could really be anything, but it breaks down to three main categories: money, health, and love. Scott explains that in order for an online sales strategy to work you need to convince a future buyer that the current “vehicle” they are using to get to that dream destination is failing them. Listen to this episode now to find out exactly what that looks and sounds like inside a sales funnel.

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The three levels of sales funnels and their hurdles

The three levels of sales funnels are categorized by the amount that they are making. The first level is from zero to about three million dollars. The second level is from about three million to ten million. The third and final level is anything above 30 million. Now throwing around the word “million” in front of dollars may feel out there, but Scott shared that it is not out of reach for anyone to be working in these amounts. However, each new level comes with growing pains in terms of the software used to maintain the sales funnel. Watch or listen to this episode now to hear Scott’s software recommendations for each level of this online sales strategy.

You need to know the difference between a product and an offer

Most people starting out in online sales are looking to sell a product. The problem is that there are likely already many different people selling that same product online. How do you set your product apart? Scott’s solution is to change the goal. Instead of trying to sell them a product, make them an offer. In this episode, he gives a detailed example of an online sales strategy for how he would sell a coffee mug. He does it by giving people more than a mug. He includes an offer that will meet the real needs of a niche community. Find out what the difference is and how you can apply it to your sales funnel when you watch or listen to this episode today.

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Does branding make a difference to your online sales strategy?

Branding is a pretty hot topic in many online sales communities. It is when you take the time to develop your business presence over multiple platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The idea is to give your future clients the opportunity to get to know you and discover you in more than one place. It is possible- and much less work- to run a sales funnel without developing a brand. Is this a shortcut that you should take? Scott and I agreed that the answer is no, you should not skip building a brand. Watch or listen to this episode to hear Scott explain why you do need a brand and how to build a good one.

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