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Facebook blocked hundreds accounts before the midterm elections

Facebook accounts

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Social network Facebook reported that it has blocked 115 accounts that may participate in “coordinated non-violent behavior” before the official start of the US midterm elections. The company said the US authorities had notified it on Sunday about online account activity, which they believe may be related to foreign companies.

There are 85 accounts in Instagram blocked and 30 Facebook accounts. Instagram accounts were in English, while those linked to the social network – in French and Russian.

The company indicated that it would provide information on the situation after receiving it.

At the same time, a number of US media networks removed a video of President Donald Trump’s campaign, denounced as racist. The 30-second video, sponsored by the Trump’s re-election campaign in 2020, shows an illegal immigrant from Mexico, sentenced in 2014 to the murder of two policemen. The image is placed on footage of migrant columns passing through Mexico. The video was attacked by many, including members of the Republican Party, as racist.

CNN declined to broadcast the video, NBC said it will no longer show it. Fox News, which Trump often points as his favorite television network, has also removed the video, calling it “insensitive”.

Facebook decided not to allow paid video advertising anymore, though users will be able to share it on their own pages.