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FBI: China is a bigger threat than Russia

Kirstjen Nielsen

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China had unleashed unprecedented campaign to influence the public opinion in the United States ahead of the upcoming mid-term elections for the US Congress, and this is the biggest and long-term threat to the US security, according to the counter-intelligence services.

Members of the Senate Subcommittee on Internal Security have questioned Interior Minister Kirstjen Nielsen and FBI Chief Christopher Wray regarding President Donald Trump’s statement that China is interfering with the US elections. Asked whether Beijing is a bigger threat than Moscow, Kirstjen Nielsen said there were two threats for the US before the mid-term elections: hacking or sabotage in electoral infrastructure (voter lists or voting machines) and campaigning.

“Surely China is making an unprecedented effort to influence the Americans”, said the Interior Minister Kirstjen Nielsen. She added that so far there has been no evidence of Chinese attempts to “compromise electoral infrastructure”.

Christopher Wray went further to answer the question of whether China is a bigger threat than Russia, whose possible interference in the US election campaign in 2016 is subject to careful investigation.

“In many ways, China represents the biggest, most complex and long-term counterintelligence threat for the US”, said the FBI Chief. “In many ways, Russia is struggling to remain meaningful after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which is leading today’s battle, and China is leading the battle tomorrow”, added Christopher Wray.