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Financial sector is priority for UK in Brexit negotiations

London City

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Top British bankers asked Prime Minister Theresa May for more clarity about the future regulatory relations between the UK and the European Union (EU), although they were encouraged by the preliminary divorce agreement reached last month.
“Business leaders have unanimously emphasized the need for as much clarity as possible”, said the spokesperson of Theresa May after meeting with Finance Minister Philip Hammond with Downing Street Financial Services Managers 10. “The completion of the first phase of the talks must have given them confidence”, he added.
Theresa May told senior representatives of the financial sector, that it is a priority in upcoming talks with the EU Brexit.
“It was a promising, positive meeting”, commented a banker after the meeting. Last year, the bankers complained that they had not been heard by May’s government in preparation for leaving the EU.
The Prime Minister has confirmed that Britain will not pay for access to the European financial market. The financial sector has long demanded a transitional period after Brexit to avoid shocks in the transition to new trade relations with the EU.