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Google banned crypto-mining applications at its Play Store


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Google followed Apple’s footsteps by banning crypto-mining applications at its Play Store. An update to Google Play’s developer policy states: “We don’t allow apps that mine cryptocurrency on devices. We permit apps that remotely manage the mining of cryptocurrency”.

Previously, the company banned the crypto-mining plug-in tools for the Chrome browser.

The move marks another step for banks and technology companies to cope with the features of the cryptocurrencies.

The ban does not include all software including virtual currency mining. Similar to Apple, Google said it would allow people to make applications that allow them to manage crypto-mining elsewhere – a cloud computing platform, for example.

Virtual currency mining has become a profitable business in recent years, thanks to the rapid growth in the value of established and new currencies. The mining process often requires a huge amount of computer power to make it fast. When mining is made on a device, there is a risk that the phone will overheat as a result of the intensive process. In addition, it can quickly drain the battery.

Some hacker groups have been targeting digging of cryptocurrencies.

Restrictions on cryptocurrencies are part of a few changes that Google has made in its developer policies. In addition, it has limited applications for the sale of weapons, ammunition and explosives.

Google has also warned that it will start removing apps that copy other programs to the Play Store and will add only things that are new or unique.