Google may launch monthly subscription for Android apps | Finance and Markets

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Many people do not agree paying for mobile apps, but Google can have a simple solution to this problem – gathering it all in one subscription.

XDA and Kieran Quinn have discovered both code characters and survey of Google Opinion Rewards, which suggest creating a Play Pass app subscription. According to the survey, it can offer hundreds of dollars worth of apps and games, but within a monthly subscription, the amount of which is not specified. It’s unclear when play pass will happen.

This is not the first subscription service for Android apps, but it can be the most influential.

The surveys show that Google Play does not generate enough downloads from the apps compared to the Apple App Store. This move can shrink the gap between the two online stores, causing some Android users to pay an affordable subscription price instead of one-off payments for individual apps.

There are still some important issues. How will Google choose which apps it deserves? Would that mean the it would have own apps? Surely the company will have to answer these and many more questions before the Play Pass is officially released.