Google supports digital subscriptions to online media - Finance and Markets

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Google users who subscribe to digital newspapers will see indexed articles indexed higher in their search results. This move is part of the technology giant’s efforts to help the media finding and retaining readers for paid content.
In addition, Alphabet will begin to share queries that show who is more likely to buy a subscription. Google directors plan to reveal more details about the initiative at an event on March 20 in New York. For now, Google declines to comment.
The move will help publishers better target their digital subscribers and retain the attention of paid readers by focusing on particular media articles for which they pay. The initiative shows Silicon Valley’s ongoing efforts to improve its relations with the media.
Several publishers, including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times and the Washington Post, are focusing on making readers pay for their content after it becomes more and more difficult to withstand advertising revenue.
Many organizations are pushing Google and Facebook to offer tools to boost subscriptions by saying that platforms can support a reputable journalist at a time when their services are being used as a fake news sphere.
Facebook has recently made major changes to its newsfeed algorithm, which are expected to shrink publishers online. The social network, however, helps the media in other ways. In October, the company started testing Instant Articles payments, allowing publishers to receive direct payments and retain overall revenue.
Meanwhile, Apple acquired Texture, a service for digital magazines. The company claims that this move is a sign of its commitment to quality journalism.