Greek government developed ambitious privatization program for 2018 | Finance and Markets

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Greek government has developed an ambitious privatization program for 2018, which is in line with the creditors requirements. The institutions have been notified that the relief of the Greek debt depends on the implementation of this program, since the privatization proceeds should go to service its debt.
The government plans launching concessions for the yacht harbors in Alimos, Athens and Chios Island, as well as tender for Egnatia motorway with its 18 new toll collection point and the final phase of the sale of 66% of the shares of the gas company DESFA. The Greek government will also launch privatization procedures for 30% of Athens International Airport, 35% of Hellenic Petroleum, 65% of the gas company DEPA and 5% of OTE.
Moreover, within the framework of the creditors’ agreements, the government plans to accelerate the sale of 17% of the shares of the National Electric Company, to launch a auction in the area of Elinikon, where there is a project to build a huge hotel complex with foreign investment, and finalize all the outstanding issues related to the old Athenian airport.
From the New Year is also expected to start transferring to the super-privatized assets fund of 19 state-owned companies in the sphere of services. These are companies considered as losers, such as the Greek Post ELTA and the Athens City Transport Organization, which employed 15,000 people.
At the same time, changes are planned in the state administration, and from the beginning of the year there are plans to launch attestations of state employees for restructuring and shrinking the state sector.