Greek government prepares plan for country's economic development over the next four years - Finance and Markets

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The Greek government is preparing a plan for country’s development over the next four years, which will be presented to the creditors in April. The plan includes four main features – tax cuts in compliance with the country’s budget targets, support for small and medium-sized businesses and the agricultural sector, change in fund management and a gradual increase in the minimum wage stimulating demand.
The final text of this plan should be ready before the Eurogroup meeting on April 11, at which should be drafted the agenda for the meeting of Eurozone finance ministers on April 27 in Sofia.
Greece’s new development plan for 2019-2020 will be based on the macroeconomic projections set out in the medium-term project voted by the Greek Parliament in May 2017.
There are differences between Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and Central Bank Governor Yannis Stournaras on targets for Greek economic development after leaving the rescue programs and whether the country should resort to a preventive credit line.
The first Greek banker suggests that such a loan should be taken while the minister believes that the country will be able to cope with its own funds.
The government and the central bank have opposed in their ideas and for now there is no agreement between them on the subject of development.