How Did Robert Navarro Turn $13 Into $1,000? - Finance and Markets

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The story:

How would you turn $13 into $1,000? Texas security guard Robert Navarro may have the answer. He got $1,000 through the strangest of circumstance.

In September, Robert Navarro went to Walmart to do some errands. As he was checking out, he heard a commotion at the checkout counter next to him.

75-year-old Delmaretta Stipp was checking out when she realized that she didn’t have enough money. $13 was all she needed. She started digging in her purse but got no luck.

As she held up the line, several people behind her made loud groans and appeared annoyed. Stipp decided to tell the clerk to remove the item.

Navarro was there to the rescue. He announced, “I want to pay,” as he made way to her. Even though Stipp refused many times, Navarro insisted. She reminded him of his late mother, so he wanted to help.

So grateful for Navarro’s kindness, Stipp right away nominated him for Fox San Antonio (SA) affiliate’s “Cash for Kindness” program. Navarro was invited to Stipp’s house, thinking she only wanted to have a coffee with him.

When Robert Navarro arrived, the Fox SA news crew greeted and gave him $1,000 cash. According to Stipp, she “wanted all San Antonio to know what a sweet young man [he was]. There aren’t very many people in this world who would stand up and do what you did. When I was in line there, you just came right up. You made me cry and you’re still making me cry.”

What can you do today to show kindness?

An unexpected and tiny kind act made an old lady cry for days. We don’t do nice things to reap the rewards. But imagine what a great help you could have been if you step up and offer your support.

If you decided to do or know of an act of kindness, email [email protected] so we could share it with everyone.

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