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How did the world react to the results of the US midterm elections?

US midterm elections

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Moderate members of the European Union welcomed the re-equilibrium in US politics following the midterm elections, but few expect major changes in relations with President Donald Trump.

The EU Commissioner Pierre Moscovici wrote on Twitter that Democrats have gained control over the House of Representatives, “despite powerful Republican manipulations”, and called it “a huge success”.

Lobbying business groups in Europe said they expect the US protectionist policy to continue. European People’s Party (EPP) leader Manfred Weber pointed out that it is time for Europeans to stop following Washington’s example and to realize that they are “the largest and most numerous economic power”.

French government spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, said the vote “shows the vitality of a great democracy”.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini wrote in Twitter to congratulate President Trump on the results and said they were “against everyone and everything”, which has pushed for a wave of support for the Democratic Party. Matteo Salvini shares some of Trump’s nationalist views and his negative attitude towards immigrants. The Italian interior minister welcomed the Republican victory in the Senate and key states, as well as against left-wing journalists, actors, singers, directors and pseudo-intellectuals.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said that the outcome of the midterm elections means that foreign policy would depend mostly on whether Republicans and Democrats could work together but did not affect the changes in transatlantic relations in Trump’s rule. Heiko Maas pointed out that “what these elections do not change is that without the United States we will not be able to solve problems in the increasingly confused world”. German Foreign Minister has repeated his thesis that Europeans have to respond to Trump’s motto “America First” with “united Europe”.

The relatives of the first woman of Palestinian-American descent, elected at the US Congress, applauded her success in the village on the West Bank, where the Democrat Rashida Tlaib was born. Uncle Bassam said that “the family, village and region are proud of her historical success”. He said that his 42-year-old niece is planning to wear a traditional Palestinian garment and hold the Koran at the oath ceremony. Rashida Tlaib and the American of Somali origin Ilhan Omar of Minnesota will be the first Muslim members of Congress.

The Kremlin has announced that the results will not harm the ties between Russia and the US because they are not good anymore.

Russian Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said “it will be difficult to make relations even worse” and added that “there are no bright prospects on the horizon” to improve them.

Japanese officials have pointed out that their alliance with the United States remains firm, regardless of the results. Cabinet secretary Yasutoshi Nishimura said Japan will cooperate with the United States in its efforts to eradicate North Korea’s nuclear weapons and other areas.

China said the ties between the two largest world economies are so important that the interests of both sides will continue to push them to co-operation, regardless of the election outcome. Chinese Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the midterm election results, but stressed that Beijing believes that “both governments and the two nations want to continue the sound and sustainable development of bilateral relations because they believe that this is in the interest of the international community”.