How To Make Your Portfolio Unsinkable Like Violet Jessop - Finance and Markets

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The story:

Sometime in the early part of the 20th-century, executives at the White Star Line had a brilliant idea. They would build a fleet of Olympic Class ocean liners, the largest and most luxurious of their time.

The first ship was the RMS Olympic. It, unlike its two sister ships, served a long career spanning several decades. The vessel was an ocean-liner, troop transport, and later returned to duty as an ocean liner. But that’s not what today’s story is about.

A young woman named Violet Jessop was aboard the RMS Olympic in 1911 when it ran into a ship of the British Navy. There was no significant damage. The ships separated and went about their business.

Later, as if that wasn’t thrilling enough, young Jessop was a stewardess on the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. You no doubt know the end of that tale. The Titanic would hit an iceberg, and Violet would wind up in a lifeboat holding a baby she didn’t know.

Fast-forward a few more years, Violet Jessop was aboard the 3rd of White Star Lines Olympic Class ocean liners when it struck an undersea mine. The HMHS Britannic sank, and Violet wound up in a lifeboat once again.

Before her final rescue, Violet Jessop had to jump out of the lifeboat or risk being smashed by the ship’s propellers.

Despite all her travails, the unsinkable Violet Jessop lived to the age of 83. She died in 1971 after sharing her experiences in a memoir.

The takeaway:

The example I want to make of this for investors is this. Bad things are going to happen to your investments at one time or another. It is inevitable.

Investments will go bad, the market will crash, or there will be a global pandemic. But you can bounce back. Stay the course with your strategy, don’t panic sell, and you can come back even stronger than before.

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