How to manage your trading journey | Finance and Markets

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If you ask an experienced trader about trading, you’d probably get an answer like ‘it is not easy,’ and you’d think it’s not true. Of course, these thoughts are common when you firmly believe in something. But remember, believing in something and assuming something are two different things. Most naïve traders assume that trading is easy just because of the way many people have portrayed it. But, it is not as easy as you assume. Then again, it is not impossible either. You can become great traders like the Singaporean traders once you master the skills. However, there are certain things that you must know when you are in the early stage of your Forex journey. Let us discuss some of the points that every beginner must know.

You can’t do it without enough capital

You might be aware of the drawdowns in Forex, but do you know that capital is required to keep things straight? It is pretty tough to sustain in the marketing if you don’t have the required capital. However, if you are good at risk management, you’d be able to handle capital requirements smoothly. It is important to meet margin requirements and to abide by the stop-loss levels. To handle these things, you definitely need some capital.

Apparently, less capital means lower trading chances. You will not be able to capitalize all your trading opportunities when you don’t have enough capital. This will reduce your performances as well.

But then, it is impossible to provide a particular amount for the naïve trader’s capital requirement. The amount will vary as per the individual’s performances and trading goals. The major rule is to set aside money for trading, and if you do so, you’d be able to start your Forex journey successful. When you set aside money, you can trade leisurely without stressing much about making money right away. Once you are calm and collected, you can get through the journey of trading!

Find a reputed broker

In order to trade the market with an extreme level of accuracy, you must trade the market with Saxo CFD trading account. Unless you trade the market with a reputed broker like Saxo, chances are very high you will not get a decent trading platform. Most importantly, the price feed will not be accurate. So chose your broker very wisely.

You need a detailed plan

Even if you are trading demo account, you must have a proper plan. So imagine, when you are trading a real trading account. You must research to find different styles of trading and make a comparison to find the best trading style. However, that one step that you must do is planning. If you have a detailed plan, you’ll be able to include goals, ideas, and practical methods to handle risk management successfully. Perhaps, a plan will not remain steady all the time, and rather it acts as a guide. Hence, you must use this guide to clear your trading path. When you use this outline to trade you’d find important points. If you find any, you must record them to find the things that you must carry on.

Along with a detailed plan, you must also have a trading journal. You must record all the important details in it. If you make it a practice, you’d be able to revise the plan accordingly. To become a long-term trader, you must be consistent.

You have to keep trying

If you don’t lose, at least, once it means you have not learned anything. Whenever you lose, you tend to pick up something that you did not know before. For example, the first time you traded, you did not have a plan, and when you analyze your mistake, you found the reason for your mistake. Hence, you will correct it the next time. Similarly, every mistake shapes you as a better trader. Grit is all that you need to become a professional trader.