How to Sell Used Textbooks for Cash with Jon Shugart, Ep# 035 | Finance and Markets

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On this episode of The Cashflow Hacking Podcast, we learn about how to sell used textbooks to make money. This week’s guest, Jon Shugart, shares his experience using this low-risk option for making money on Amazon. He shares about the differences between trading in textbooks or selling textbooks and gives suggestions on how to decide what would work best for you. Don’t feel limited because it is absolutely possible to do both. I am already thinking of practical ways to use this information and I know you will be too as soon as you check out this episode.

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:10] John Shugart shares how to make money trading or selling books on Amazon
  • [3:45] Learn how to trade books in for cash
  • [8:07] Discover how Amazon’s trade in program makes it risk-free
  • [12:29] Find out how to sell used books to make a profit
  • [15:22] Tips on how to pick which books to trade in and when
  • [18:05] How long it takes to find the right book
  • [21:01] John shares how much it costs to get started
  • [23:48] How a recent college grad made 150,000 his first year trading books
  • [26:00] Skip the hassle of packaging and shipping books with these tips
  • [28:24] The first step to getting started

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There is risk-free money to be made trading in used textbooks

Jon Shugart shares about Amazon’s trade-in program and how it has empowered entrepreneurs like you to bring in extra income. If you don’t have any used textbooks that is not a problem. You can still make money with this system. His system to make money on used textbooks meets you where you are at and does not require a huge upfront investment. You could start with as little as five dollars if you wanted to. Amazon’s policies make this a risk free way to start building your way to financial freedom. No matter where you are at in your financial journey, this episode has options worth considering. Check it out today.

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Learn how to sell used textbooks to make an easy and reliable profit

Maybe you have heard about people talking about how they made some extra money selling used textbooks online, but you weren’t sure how they managed to build up a profitable inventory. Jon explains why your inventory is not limited to the textbooks you have at home on your shelf. He gives tips for how to search all of Amazon and beyond for textbooks that will be in high demand and are going to sell for a good profit. If you don’t have, or don’t want to spend the time browsing the internet for the right textbooks to sell, that’s no problem. Jon shares his tools for finding the best options fast. If you have ever considered making money online this is an episode you don’t want to miss.

You can start your own bookstore without ever touching a book

If you have any experience with creating an online store that sells physical goods you know how complicated and time-consuming packaging and shipping can be. Trading in or selling textbooks for profit can sound like it includes a lot of trips to the post office, but it doesn’t have to! Jon Shugart shares his tips for starting an online bookstore without ever having to lay a hand on a textbook. His system is simple, cost-effective, and saves a lot of valuable time. Watch or listen to this episode now to learn how he does it and you can too!

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A recent college graduate made $150,000 his first year selling used textbooks

In 2016 a young man graduated from college and started looking for a job. He wanted something that would give him the lifestyle freedom to travel and make his own schedule. He had no cash investment to get started with his own business. However, He connected with Jon Shugart and started trading in and selling textbooks. His first year alone he made $150,000 USD! Listen to this episode to hear how he is doing in 2018 and to learn more about the lifestyle freedom this opportunity has brought him.

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Did you know you can #MakeMoneyOnline starting your own bookstore without ever touching a book? Find out how from @JonShugart on the @CachflowHackingPodcast Click To Tweet A college graduate made $150K his 1st year selling #Textbooks to #MakeMoneyOnline. Hear his story from @JonShugart on the @CashflowHackingPodcast Click To Tweet