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The latest iPhone models are gaining speed months after their release


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The latest line of smartphones iPhone may not start with the impulse that investors expected, but analysts say their performance is stronger afterwards. Most iPhone users choose phones from the last series compared to an year ago. The study was prepared by M Science, which handles alternative data such as activating mobile devices.

In other words, in May this year, iPhone users were more likely to choose some of Apple’s latest models compared to the same period in 2017.

“We did not see this in the first six months of the life cycle”, said Matthew Goodman, an analyst at M Science, whose company tracks monthly iPhone sales worldwide. For most of its current cycle, the iPhone is performing less well than the previous series on a relative basis. “Mixed switch to newer devices has a positive impact on the average selling price”, added he.

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, said at the latest conference call on the May financial report that iPhone X was the best-selling model in every week of the last quarter.

“Part of this is because the iPhone X is coming to rest, and people who want to spend 1,000 USD or more have already did it”, said Matthew Goodman.

One particular point in M Science’s reporting information relates to the iPhone 6, which marks a real revitalization. The model launched by Apple in 2014 is well-performing on prepaid services and is an inexpensive option for emerging markets. The model has a share of between 5% and 10% of global sales in May, according to M Science analysis.

Matthew Goodman says the average usage period of a particular iPhone model is rising to 727 days for the current cycle, compared to 697 days for the previous one and 667 days for the supercycle from 2014 to 2015.