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Majority Americans consider that tax reform will benefit the rich

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Most US voters believe that the Republican tax reform will benefit mostly the rich, according to a study by Quinnipiac University. According to results, 64% of Americans, including 61% of independent and 94% of Democrats, say the plan is beneficial to the richest people in the country.
The analysis of the Senate’s final bill made by the Center for Tax Policy shows that voter evaluation is true. The Tax Policy Center considers the percentage change in post-tax revenues.
Less than 40% of Americans say the plan will lead to job growth and economic growth. The Joint Taxation Committee notes that the earlier version of the Senate Tax Bill would increase GDP by about 0.8% in one decade.
Americans do not approve the bill, although President Donald Trump disagrees with their assessment.
“This is a fantastic bill for the middle class. This is a fantastic bill for jobs and for companies, which want to return huge amount of money to our country. More than anything else, it is an important bill for jobs and the middle class”, said Trump.
At the same time, the approval rate for President’s policies is decreasing, with 56% of voters saying that he is not suitable for president.