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Man planned suicide bombing in Washington

Washington attack

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A man, who planned suicide bombing in Washington, was arrested and will be judged. Paul Rosenfeld, 56-year-old man from Rockland County, New York, was arrested Wednesday for allegedly making a 200-pound explosive device as part of a plot to bomb the National Mall in Washington.

The suspect admitted that he wanted to blow up the National Mall, the famous esplanade linking the memorial to President Abraham Lincoln and the Convent of the Capitol Hill. He planned to do so on November 6th, the day of the midterm elections. Paul Rosenfeld did not intend to hurt anyone other than himself. With the planned act, he wanted to draw public attention to the political system in which the selection of officials is done by drawing lots.

Rosenfeld allegedly wanted to draw attention to an ideology called “sortition”, a belief that the government should be “selected by lottery rather than popular vote”.
He is accused of making an illegal explosive device and carrying an explosive between states. Each of the two charges is punished by 10 years in prison.