Mark Zuckerberg again faces hearings because of fake news | Finance and Markets

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is likely to be subject to a new hearing and additional questions because of fake information on the social network.

Britain and Canada urge the head of Facebook to answer the questions of the local MPs. Now politicians from these two countries are joining together to hear the entrepreneur on the topic of fake news and the Internet, hoping to create united front against Zuckerberg to attend such a forum.

In a letter to the founder of Facebook, signed by British deputy Damian Collins and Canadian MP Bob Zimmer, Zuckerberg is asked to meet an “International Commission on Disinformation and Fake News” at an event in London on November 27.

“We understand that it is not possible to be available to all parliaments, but we believe that your users in other countries deserve responsibility for your organization – directly, by yourself. Responsibility is something you would like to take”, wrote Damian Collins and Bob Zimmer.

The letter notes that there are no international commissions to look at Facebook’s role in spreading misinformation so far, despite the international influence of the platform. In recent years, the social network has been involved in a number of fake news scandals from the British Brexit referendum to the US elections in 2016, and even by the military genocide in Myanmar.