Home News Business News Market value of Siemens Healthineers may reach 30 billion EUR

Market value of Siemens Healthineers may reach 30 billion EUR

Siemens Healthineers

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The assessment of the health unit of the German business giant Siemens may reach 30 billion EUR. The IPo of the health division can be estimated to range from about 26 billion EUR to 30 billion EUR. The Siemens Healthineers’ leaders still meet with investors to assess their appetite before revealing later this week the IPO range.
Siemens aims to raise up to 10 billion EUR by selling 25% of its healthcare business in the first half of the year. A representative of Siemens refused to comment.
The IPO, which may be the largest in Europe this year, comes amid a market turmoil this month, which has temporarily lowered the appetite of investors. Siemens Healthineers relies on the success of its portfolio of laboratory equipment and Atellica products launched in 2017.
Some investors, however, believe that the company’s sales forecasts are too optimistic and want to see more evidence of success before they increase their rating for the company.
The Siemens Healthineers made a profit of 2.49 billion EUR on revenues of 13.8 billion EUR for the year ended September 30, according to a statement of the parent company in November.