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Hurricane Laura obliterated Lake Charles faster than you can say, “uh oh.” After the storm, residents there had no running water nor power.

Let’s look at what this McDonald’s franchise owner did because he has much to give.

Rikesh Patel is one of the several McDonald’s franchise owners in Louisiana. And because he was in the middle of the hurricane, he knew the truth: “Pictures don’t do it (destruction) justice. It’s so much worse than what you’re seeing on social media.”

Patel knew lots of people wouldn’t have the means to cook up meals for days.

He used his connection with McDonald’s corporate and promptly requested a McRig.

Now that’s an unfamiliar order from this McDonald’s franchise owner. What on earth is that, you wonder?

McRig is actually McDonald’s version of Meals on Wheels. McDonald’s would use the McRig to bring their food to different charity events.

The McRig arrived in less than 24 hours from Kentucky. Patel right away asked for volunteers from his stores to hand out free McDonald’s burgers.

Patel and his volunteering team worked tirelessly for 6 days. In the end, they gave out over 10,000 free McDonald’s meals to people in the neighborhood.

Hurricane Laura’s enormous destructive force erased everything on its path. Yet, it couldn’t wipe out the love and the willingness of those volunteers.

By the way, for those employees who came to work after the hurricane, Patel also generously raised their pay to 1.5x.

Rikesh Patel has much and gave much. Do you also have a lot of something that you’ll never use up? Would you be a kind person today and share what you have with someone else?

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h/t: CNN
Image: Google