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Have you seen those kids baking shows where little kids run around baking recipes and pastries such as croquembouche and trifle? Mia Villa should be on one of those shows when you see what she’s been up to.

Mia Villa is a 3-year-old girl from Stillwater, NY. She’s been a baker since 18 months old by helping her mom in the kitchen. 18 months old! Some of us were still learning to walk at that age.

Well, Mia is now at the ripe old age of 3. And she has perfected her best chewy chocolate chip cookies recipe.

Now, she’s ready for her big debut. And she decided to use her amazing skill to bake chocolate chip cookies for first responders this year.

Mia has baked and delivered more than 1,000 cookies to police officers, doctors, nurses, and grocery workers during quarantine. She also includes her own art with each delivery.

Mia’s mom, Devin, was only there to help her get the ingredients and handle the oven. She “hope[s] it inspires other people to just be kind and grateful. Mia will bake the cookies […] We box them up, hop in the car, and off we go.”

They traveled as far as an hour away to reach as many frontline workers as possible.

Mia even has a Facebook page called “Mia’s Cookie Jar,” where her “cookie followers” can follow her journey sharing cookies with everyone. They can even suggest where Mia could reach next.

“Something that seems so simple [like] delivering cookies truly can make someone’s day,” Devin said. You can do the same just by being kind yourself. So go out there, and any kindness you give will be appreciated.

If you decided to do an act of kindness like what Mia Villa did, email [email protected] and let us know so we could feature you in our newsletter next week. We will always want to highlight the goodness in today’s world.

h/t: goodmorningamerica, winknews
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