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New York Times reduces the number of monthly free articles

New York Times

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Trying to increase the number of paid subscriptions, the New York Times decreases the number of monthly free articles today. From Friday, most subscribers who do not pay will be able to read only five articles, not 10, before being asked to start paying.
This is the first change in the payment system in five years. The main subscription for the newspaper with unlimited access to the website and all news apps costs 15 USD per month.
The scandals surrounding Donald Trump’s administration and Hollywood sexual abuse accusations have already contributed to the rise in the Times subscriptions, which jumped by 60% in September compared to the same period an year earlier to 2.5 million.
With its motto of “top level journalism”, New York Times decided that this is the right time to experiment with a more limited free online content delivery, revealed the executive vice president and chief operating officer of New York Times, Meredith Kopit Levien.
“This is a very hot news cycle”, said Meredith Kopit Levien. “We think it’s a good time now to demonstrate to people that high-quality journalism is something to pay for”, added she.
As Facebook and Google take on an increasing share of the online advertising market, publishers – from the New York Times to Conde Nast, are trying to move their digital business from selling ads to persuading readers to pay for their journalism.
Encouraged by the search for news about President Donald Trump, the Times subscription business flourished over the past year. Times added 154,000 digital subscriptions in the last quarter, a 14% increase in the number of new customers on an annual basis, although many have registered through promotional deals and can quit at any time.
This boom is also reflected in the share price of Times Co, which jumps by 41% this year.