Nicolas Maduro won the presidential elections in Venezuela | Finance and Markets

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Nicolas Maduro won the presidential elections in Venezuela after receiving 5.8 million votes against 1.8 million for his main competitor Henri Falcon.
“They underestimated me”, said Nicolas Maduro to his heated supporters on stage at the Miraflores presidential palace in the center of Caracas.
Thus, Maduro achieves an easy victory in the disputed elections, although both of his main rivals declared that they will not recognize Sunday’s vote.
“We do not recognize this election process, we have no choice, and Venezuela has to hold new elections”, said Henri Falcon and accused the government of putting pressure on voters.
The opposition in general called for a boycott of the elections.
After announcing the result, Maduro’s supporters began to celebrate and dance around the Miraflores Presidential Palace in the center of Caracas.
The victory for the 55-year-old former bus driver, who replaced Hugo Chavez after his cancer death in 2013, could trigger a new round of Western sanctions against the Socialist government as it struggles with the severe economic crisis. The US President Donald Trump’s administration has already threatened to act against the already pungent oil sector in Venezuela.