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Nikkei 225 managed to recover some of the losses


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The Japanese stock index Nikkei 225 has managed to recover some of the losses and on Thursday enjoyed the optimism of investors. The benchmark finished the session with an increase of 1.45%, adding 320.99 points to its value to 22,498.03 points.
The Japanese pharmaceutical companies supported the base index with an increase of 1.4%. After oil futures stabilized in the early hours of Thursday, the stocks of oil companies rose by 1%. The mining companies, however, reported a decline in their stock price of 0.9%. The reason is the drop in the price of copper by more than 4% on Tuesday, which is the biggest drop in the past two and a half years.
The shares of industrial giant Advantest Corp rose by 1.76% after it was announced that its operating profit for the fiscal year reached 177.87 million USD.
The broader index Topix rose by 1.18% to 1,786.25 points, while the South Korean stock exchange Kospi fell 0.5% to 2,461.98 points. The Samsung shares closed with a drop of 1.44%.
The pessimism of investors in Asia yesterday intensified after the news that US President Donald Trump would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Analysts also observe earlier than anticipated sell-offs for profit.