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Powerful Hurricane Michael hit Florida

Hurricane Michael

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Hurricane Michael entered the US state of Florida, in the southeast of the United States. The powerful hurricane is of the fourth category with a wind speed of 250 km/h. It is approaching the maximum category and continues to gain strength.
Earlier, the director of the National Hurricane Center, Ken Graham, predicted that the storm would cause catastrophic damage. This is the strongest hurricane that has reached Florida for more than a century.

The US President Donald Trump has expressed concern about local residents, who have not evacuated. Some of the hurricane areas are very poor and this has hindered the evacuation. Donald Trump noted that it is very difficult for people without the necessary resources to leave the area.
“God bless you”, said the US President to those who were in the hurricane. He added that intends to visit the area on Sunday or Monday the area.

The authorities in Gadsden County reported one casualty related with the hurricane. They said the man was hit by a falling tree. The hurricane left 403,000 households and businesses without electricity in Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

According to forecasts, the Hurricane Michael will lose this morning its strength and turn into a tropical storm, passing through the southeast states.