SAP becomes the most valuable German company - Finance and Markets

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The German technology giant SAP, specialized in the production of corporate software, becomes the most expensive German company. Its market capitalization reached about 104 billion EUR, according to the consulting firm Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC).
SAP, which is widely used by investors, outpaces industrial giants such as Siemens (94 billion EUR) and Volkswagen (84.6 billion EUR). Among the top 10 companies are Allianz (84 billion EUR), Bayer (80.5 billion EUR) and the automotive giants Daimler and BMW (77 and 57 billion EUR respectively).
The 100 most expensive German companies have increased their market value by 33% over the last four years.
While SAP is the largest software company in Europe and a leader in its field, it is far from the largest European and global companies. The most expensive European company is the oil giant Royal Dutch Shell, which is valued at 213 billion EUR. After that, Nestle food producer and pharmaceutical giant Novartis from Switzerland.
Among the 10 largest in the world, there are only American and Chinese companies, most of them high-tech. The world’s most expensive company continues to be Apple with a market value of 889 billion USD, followed by Amazon with 768 billion USD and Alphabet (762 billion USD).