Strike of the SNCF railway employees will cost more than 300 million EUR | Finance and Markets

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The strike of the SNCF railway employees will cost more than 300 million EUR, said its president Guillaume Pepy. But he added that he did not believe it would continue during the summer.
The railway employees, who are mostly protesting against the cancellation of their special privileges, have been organizing a strike marathon for two days every week, scheduled for the end of June.
However, there are signals that it is decreasing in recent weeks, with a reduction in the number of strikers. At the same time, the government is determined not to give up this reform, backed by the majority of French. However, amendments to the draft law, which may come to the Senate from the end of May, could be made.
“The strike costs a lot of money”, said the President of SNCF Guillaume Pepy, who said the amount is more than 300 million EUR was most likely. “This reform is necessary. Can we imagine that SNCF will remain a monopoly and so the regions, for example, will not be able to choose a railway operator for another 10 or 20 years? This will be deadly for SNCF”, repeated he once again.
The next strike should begin on Saturday night and have a day without railroaders on Monday, May 14th.