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Tesla announced the appointment of Robyn Denholm as chairwoman

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The electric car manufacturer Tesla announced the appointment of Robyn Denholm, who is currently Chief Financial Officer of Telstra, replacing Elon Musk as chairwoman of the company.

Robyn Denholm will leave her position as Chief Financial Officer and Strategic Director of Telstra after completing her six-month notice and will join Tesla’s Board of Directors. She announced Wednesday she was leaving the company and will focus solely on her role as Tesla’s chair. Before Telstra, Denholm held executive positions with networking systems companies and served as a national finance manager for Toyota.

Tesla also commented that Denholm will work in the company as full-time chairwoman. She will temporarily take over the role of chair of the Tesla Audit Commission.

Tesla still has two more independent directors to appoint in compliance with the SEC settlement. The selections could shed light on Denholm’s immediate impact as chairwoman.

Tesla has also had an exodus of senior executives. It has had three chief accounting officers this year. And while the fraud suit with the S.E.C. has been settled, Tesla’s past production forecasts for the Model 3 are still being examined by the agency.