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The Secret to Effective Team Building with Brad Lea, Ep #34

The Secret to Effective Team building with Brad Lea, Ep #34

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I am excited to introduce you to Brad Lea and his ideas about effective team building on this episode of The Cashflow Hacking Podcast. He is the founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT which offers a fully customizable team building software. Brad explains why so much training today seems like a waste of time. Using real-life examples he illustrates how effective training for a team is one of the most important investments a company can make. We delve into the full potential that the technology of today has to offer when he reveals his secret for getting more one on one time in with his employees, while at the same time having a better lifestyle. Watch or listen to this episode to learn about the tools that are going to make or break the businesses and business teams of the future.

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Video Version of the Podcast

Outline of This Episode
[0:53] Meet Brad Lea, Founder and CEO of LightSpeed VT
[2:50] Brad Lea shares the four aspects of effective training
[3:28] You don’t have to find success the hard way. Here’s why
[6:17] Why is effective training so important?
[11:59] You don’t be an expert in everything to create quality training.
[18:00] Brad Lea shares about why training matters – even after success
[20:16] Training should be customized to the learner
[23:00] Lack of good training is hurting your profits
[27:25] How to save time and make money by creating a virtual version of yourself

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Integrity without knowledge will limit team productivity

Brad Lea had to learn how to take care of himself at an early age. He eventually became a salesman and worked his way up the ranks of the company he worked for. In a management position, he focused on building teams by training employees. He noticed that for the amount of time that he was spending on training the results were not consistent or effective. He shares how this problem inspired him to create a customizable training platform that has made him the CEO of a 50 million company today. Watch this episode to hear his story.

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All effective team building requires training with four key steps

A lot of the training that we receive today is not actually training at all. Brad Lea talks about the thousands of training options available online and gives specific reasons as to why they are so ineffective. There are four steps that must be included to create an effective training. If even one of these elements is missing the amount of time it takes to train a team will go up dramatically. I was inspired by the practical tips he gave that I could apply immediately to my own business team. To get the full benefits of training for your business don’t miss this episode.

Training a business team is not something you did it is something you do

After Brad Lea had created a 10 million dollar company he began to wander away from his own training principles. He switched his focus to advertising and making the sale. It didn’t take long for him to realize that he had to practice what he preached. He took the time to refocus and started focusing on effective team development through effective team training. The results speak for themselves. Take a minute to learn from his experience as he shares about how to keep growing a solid team even after success.

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It is now possible to be two places at once

Haven’t we all wished at one point or another that we could be in more than one place at the same time? Just imagine how productive it would make us. It turns out we can! Brad Lea shares how to maximize team building efforts and potentially even monetize them to create passive income, through training that adapts to the learner. The possibilities of the platform he presents extend far beyond business and into all forms of education. In our conversation he discusses ideas such as artificial intelligence and the foundation of success for the business of the future. This is an episode you do not want to miss. Listen now and learn how to set yourself apart as one of the best.

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CEO @TheRealBradLea knows why #Training is not something you did - it is something you do. Find out why on the #CashFlowHackingPodcast Click To Tweet It is now possible to be two places at once. Find out how on the #TheCashflowHackingPodcast with guest @TheRealBradLea Click To Tweet